An ever changing world

Developments that previously were considered unlikely are currently unfolding in relative close geographical proximity. Media outlets frequently report on open as well as covert state sponsored actions, designed to pressure and destabilize democratic societies. 

Cyberattacks, intelligence gathering, influence campaigns and subversion are common tactics, used to steer and sway political, economic and military decisions.

Civil contingency plans, specifically  designed to meet these challenges are vital in order counter threats posed by an antagonist. 

…and our personal security

Equally, both professional and personal issues affecting employees can have a negative impact on your organisation.

A disgrunted employee can cause severe damages to reputation and / or operational efficiency, often costly and time consuming to repair. Good preventive measures include structured assessments of individuals and incidents aimed at minimizing potential damage.

Training and investigations


• will train you to deal with industrial espionage, influence campaigns and social engineering

• will investigate loss of information, internal issues and external pressure to your organisation

• will assist you in your recruitment process, risk assessments and coordination of security at conferences, business travels or expat employees

| There are no technical solutions without vulnerabilities and the greatest vulnerability is the human being |