Since leaving the intelligence service I have had many different assignments in various industries such as;

• Defence
• Construction
• Insurance
• Automotive
• Municipal and governmental authorities
• Religious communities
• The judiciary
• Production companies
• The food industry
• Real Estate
• Vehicle inspection
• Energy
• Civil contingency and defence

The majority of my assignments involve investigations of different kinds. They have mainly been focused on loss of information, espionage and stalkers.

Over the years I have trained over 5000 members of staff in different industries, as such building stronger organisations with staff members that are better equipped to deal with incidents and to report them up the right channels when and if they occur. Incidents that have been reported and logged are easier to deal with and will also help you prevent future incidents by being proactive.

For industry specific referrals or to discuss your needs feel free to contact me.

| There are no technical solutions without vulnerabilities and the greatest vulnerability is the human being |