Proactive and reactive measures

YOBANY will help you minimize the risk of severe and costly incidents by;

⦁ Improving your organisations security consciousness

⦁ Analysing potential weaknesses and threats towards high value assets such as human capital, intellectual property and knowhow

⦁ Investigate incidents and present ”lessons learnt” with a preventive action plan

⦁ Adding security consciousness to the recruitment process

Security through training

Many organisations rate their preparedness to deal with unexpected challenges as high. There are routines in place, guidelines and policies, all specifically designed to protect, prevent and overcome.

But what if your co-workers are unaware of these, or don’t understand them, consider them to be exaggerated? Chances are then that they might become more of a burden than a reliable tool. Even more alarmingly is the fact that this might be the foundation to a culture where steps are taken to actively bypass said routines, guidelines and policies.

"Nothing ever happens, why do we have to complicate things? I have work to do!"

Security consciousness can only be successfully implemented if the workforce understands why. Trained and educated members of staff with an understanding of why security measures are in place tend to abide by them. The stronger the individual, the stronger the organisation and as a result better equipped to prevent or deal with loss of information, production stoppage or large financial losses.

Industrial espionage

Loss of crucial information can lead to severe financial loss as well as reputational damage by tarnishing the brand.

A crucial prerequisite to counter industrial espionage is to understand that it actually happens and equally important, how it happens. YOBANY can offer bespoke training packages focusing on antagonists and their methodologies.

Strategic information gathering also known as espionage, is a commonly used tool by various organizations who employ different methods and tactics. Criminals who steal information might do so to sell it to another party or hold it at ransom. Competitors might be tempted to do the same in order to gain business advantages such as a large tender or access to a specific market. Alternatively, it might be done because they themselves lack resources, time, or even knowhow to develop the same product or service offering.

Across the globe, intelligence services employ various means in order to obtain information. It might be focused on political or military issues but also to create a competitive advantage for business of strategic and national importance.

The chosen modus operandi depends on knowhow, available resources and the importance of the desired information. Cyber attacks and recruiting ”people on the inside” are common tactics. The use of technological surveillance such as phone tapping targeting businesses, celebrities and football clubs alike proves that only ones imagination sets the boundaries.

Social engineering

Physical security like locks and bolts, firewalls and virus protection is of little use if an employee invites and opens the door to an antagonist.

Social engineering is designed to manipulate people by focusing on their weaknesses and is used to obtain sensitive information. Hackers use it to get passwords or in-depth knowledge of the IT-infrastructure prior to an IT-attack. Criminals might persuade staff members to hand out bank details or to transfer funds between different accounts. It works because people tend to believe what they are told.

YOBANY's Counter Social Engineering Course (CSOC) will prepare all members of staff as everybody can be targeted. However, IT-administrators, helpdesk representatives, personal assistants and receptionists often tend to have access to sensitive information and we therefore welcome them in particular.

Business and professional women

The risk of sexual harassment, verbal and physical whilst working should be non-existent. Unfortunately, that is not how our reality looks like. The aggressor can be a co-worker, manager, client or partner. Under such circumstances the willingness to press charges might be reduced. "What if this jeopardises my career or what if they don’t believe me?"
“The risk is most prevalent amongst strong and competitive women”
(Anneli Häyrén Wennerstål, genus- och organisationsforskare)

YOBANY’s Business and Professional Women Course is not a physical self-defence course but rather in mental preparation and defence. It will give you tools to handle challenging as well as threatening situations, be it whilst working or in your private life. This course also includes some material form the syllabus of our Street Smart Course.

A situation that brings a higher degree of risk to personal safety varies depending on profession, environment as well as culture. Regardless of circumstances, should something happen mental preparation can help you defuse the situation and sometimes eliminate them completely.

Street smart

Being Street smart involves, among many things, common sense, knowledge and experience of dealing with awkward situations. Being street smart also includes the ability to quickly calculate as well as when possible completely eliminating risk.

At some point, most of us will unexpectedly find ourselves in a challenging and negative situation. - Were there any signs that the threat was imminent and if so would I be able to interpret them correctly? Your chances will increase substantially by being mentally prepared.

Screening, selection and a secure HR process

The HR department is often responsible for, or at least in parts involved during various steps of an employee’s career. From initial interviews and induction to training, maternity leave, retirement and in some cases even dismissal.

Most agree that it is crucial to know who you employ. A background check will not give you the full picture of a candidate’s character. People tend to change as the years go by. Life events can make us both vulnerable and prone to external pressure and influence.

Addictions, divorce or long time illness can all change our priorities. Likewise, the disappointment of being sidestepped for promotion can impact an employee’s loyalty.

Unhappy members of staff, suspicions of fraud and stalkers can all affect the wellbeing of an organization. Most employers will at some stage have to deal with such issues and it is not always easy.

Company led investigations requires time consuming interviews with many members of staff who often wishes to be anonymous. It is often easier to open up to an external investigator than to your manager or HR department. The effectiveness can also depend on the method of questioning in use.

We use evidence-based methods such as; SAM, SARA and HCR-20 to assess and deal with risk.

YOBANY will support your HR and Corporate Security departments with:

• Stalkers – assessments, recommendations, collecting evidence and filing police reports
• Recruitment – security interviews, screening and collecting references
• Disciplinary procedures – interviews, assessment and recommendation

| There are no technical solutions without vulnerabilities and the greatest vulnerability is the human being |